Monday, May 9, 2011

Humble Luck.

Thirteen years ago I would not have believed you if you'd told me I'd be where I am today.  Nearly thirty-one years old, NOT an award winning film maker, NOT married, NOT a mom, NOT living in New York City....  but somehow happy.... there is no way I would have believed you.   Isn't if funny how we change.  Not only that, but that somehow there are some people that you never thought would be, end up being still in your life.  The other night, following a steady diet of too many beverages, a guy who lived right down the hall from my Freshman year college boyfriend let me do my drunk cry and rambling talk and then promptly told me to get my head out of my, well, you know.  

Turns out, he was right.  I woke up this morning and realized that in one week I'm going to be starting down a road I am blessed to have found - and I say this with a great deal of humility.  It's 2011 and we aren't all buzzing around in our Jetson space cars quite yet.  In fact, in many ways, we're sort of going backwards.  Growing up all I heard was what we can now equate to "college=job".  Only that isn't the case for everyone.  I know some people who have quite the head on their shoulders and yet, oddly, can't get work.  So when I quit my post in January - trust me when I say I know EXACTLY how lucky I am to have gotten a job by May.   And a job that I am going to love? A company that is one of the best to work for in the city??  Overwhelming doesn't even begin to describe it.  And I look to my friends who are still out there searching - and I want to say that I understand the frustration.  I understand the hardship.  Moreover, I believe in you!!!!

It is not without the support of friends and family that we get through the tough times.  My parents - holy cow my parents - they are not to be believed! They have been the most amazing people through all of this and the blind belief they had in me.... It's pretty crazy to think about.  And my friends - Katie, Anne, Michelle, Jake, Justin, Jason, Kristin, Julie, Lisa, Karen, Christie, Ray, Kurt, Di - EVERYONE at volleyball - wow.  It's been an amazing awakening and even when I break down and cry about what I "think" is a big deal - then I look back at what really matters in life and I'm actually extremely lucky.  Two years ago I was sort of treading water.  Spending time with a group of people I didn't really click with, working at a job I knew wasn't really where I would spend the next decade of my life, living paycheck to paycheck and wondering "when will it change?"  It did! It finally did! And it starts in a week - and I'm terrified. HA!

Anyway, that's the news with me.  I have three wonderful days of volleyball this week, a weekend planned already that I'm very much looking forward to and maybe a few wine nights with friends thrown in the mix.  Basically, before I know it this week will be gone and things will start to truly take shape.  I'm pretty excited and thank you to everyone who helped me get here. 

Ps. GUAC off details coming soon. 


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