Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I work on Main Street in the middle of America.  That is not a lie or even a metaphor.  I recently put together an updated resume and on paper, let me tell you, I'm certainly nothing special.  Just another aging laptop "hipster" waiting for something great to happen.  

Well here's the truth - something great doesn't just happen to most people.   In fact, like it or not, the general majority of our species doesn't even crave something great - and that's fine too.  Yet ever since I was young I always had this notion that I'd be set apart from the rest... that "great" was something I'd been born for.  In fourth grade I was convinced I was going to discover the world's most amazing dinosaur when I day dreamed (and yes, this is totally true) of being a paleontologist.  It wasn't until fifth grade science that I realized I had no skills in science whatsoever and had to move on. The point is that in my life I've always expected what I wanted to just find me sitting and waiting, ready to be scouted - ready to be found.  Thirty years in, it hasn't quite happened that way.

So forget this waiting around business.  There's living to be done. What I need is a little discipline - enter the blog. I know it seems self-righteous and ego-centric.... and it is.... but it's also a way to document this crazy timeline in my head.  It holds me accountable for my own promises - and although I was never likely to win that Oscar, had I been held a little more accountable for my own dreams, there are goals that I might have gotten closer to achieving.  

So my goals will come out one by one as I post - and you can follow along if you'd like.  By this time next year I truly hope to have made a change for the better in my life and in my patterns.  Here's to hoping!

- Kat